Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"My job is just to continue the lie"

-Teacher concerning retouching

I've learned a great amount in this Digital class and I love my teacher, I do. But that being said was a bit much for me. It's not even about the technique because those processes and tools can be utilized in several ways outside of retouching skin. This is so played, this whole issue and discussion. But never before had I really really experienced it in person. Nor have i learned to cover up "imperfections". Nor have i heard someone talk about retouching as their job and be morally content with "continuing a lie". In the end I think it becomes way more than a lie. We all know this though. I hate to type all of this since it's such a sensitive and over discussed moral issue in the medium but I think this was a self actualization that I had to let out a bit.

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