Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Friend Time.

tentative spring break plan:

Andrew Snyder and I started talking randomly about me getting out to Washington at some point since Jake is going to be there in a week or so. We started talking about his Chicago roots and then we started into speaking about how his father works for an airline. So I politely ask if he has "friend discounts" and he continues with the scheme of getting me out to Washington to go camping (little did he know thats all I wanted to do over spring break). Not to mention that Kohlton, Seth, Randy and Jake will be coming along to camp. Or rather, I will be coming along to camp with THEM. They've been planning for a bit.

So I then start thinking... Jake is going to be in Washington as well. So I should fly one way and get Jake to stay put in Washington for a bit then we could continue his roadtrip across the nation to Chicago. Then once we get to Chicago it's his mother f-ing birthday. So you know we are going to get down.

Is this to perfect or is it just me? I have been so stoked to meet the people I've been meeting. Albie, Anna, Jesse and all the others. You have a place to stay in Chicago for sure. Just wait till Hunt and I move in during the summer. It's going to be a traveling hub for all photographers undoubtedly.

P.s. Also, not this weekend but the next Kohlton is visiting Chicago to look around at schools the exact same weekend Hunt is going to be here. Dope!


Andrew Snyder said...

Stoke-fest 5000

Summer said...

^ Definitely.
I need to go back to Chicago. Lunch sesh, Pete?

Justin said...

As far as the "traveling hub for all photographers" you should have the photographers donate a large print for the apartment and just have a wall of people who's stayed.

dr.brown said...

WTF! doooo it! that would be friggen awesome!

Pete Halupka said...

that would be a good idea. but i don't want them to travel with something so i might get them to draw something on my wall. albie didn't draw anything because i hadn't thought of it yet but anna mack did. so i can start almost fresh.