Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Loin Tingle

I have this chair for my computer. The front two legs broke so I sat the chair vertically so that the part you are sitting on is the edge of where you typically sit horizontally. So it gets really uncomfortable sometimes and my butt falls asleep all the time. but just now I was focused and sat in the same position for twenty-five minutes or so and I stood up to go check on my rice and realized I felt a crazy feeling in my loin as well as my ass. I quickly addressed my ass as asleep but I was not able to diagnose the loin problem till I realized that they had fallen asleep. Then that feeling of your leg coming back to life from asleep mode where it gets that needle and pin sharp feeling? I hate that. It happened. That was crazy.

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Blankenship said...

I bet it felt like me being late for critique this morning.