Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know a couple of Baltimorian's read this. Anyone see this show or another? Ramsey? Daniel?


Emily said...

haha so, you don't know me but I've been secretly lurking your blog for a few weeks. (sorry if that's creepy) that looks like the house ramsey used to live in. that was a really great show!

daniel shea said...

Paul is a friend of Ramsey and I's. That's actually filmed in Ramsey's old house.

He's on tour right now covering Bruce Springsteen songs, he played in Chicago a few days ago!

Pete Halupka said...


my name is naive.


Pete Halupka said...

also, creep all you want, emily. i actually live in baltimore and follow you everywhere.

seriously just kidding.

but go ahead, read my blog, don't be shy.

ramsey said...

hello frisby house! that's my old basement =0) and emily, how do you read pete's blog? small world.

ramsey said...

also. it was a punk rock prom! we forced him to wear that tie. haha.