Monday, November 3, 2008

best weekend.

On Friday night Jake and Diana drove up from Auburn and Birmingham to spend the weekend with Tucker and I. This was the product.

We woke up at 5:30, caught some Chick-Fil-A as they opened and started driving north to Tennessee over the state line.

We passed the opening to this field covered in fog with the most gorgeous sunrise I've ever seen.


After the field we continued our trip up Old Railroad Bed Rd. to this bridge I spoke of previously in this blog. It was so decrepit. We were on all fours getting out to the middle of this thing. But the golden morning light was worth it all.

This was the view off of the bridge.

Jake running the I beam below the bridge instead of the rotting wood.

Diana. If you look closely Tucker had gotten into that tree from the bridge somehow.

There he goes. He skinnied down that tree to the ground.

Man, look at that cyanobacteria* on the bridge. matches her scarf. (*thank you biology class)


This was the first five minutes. Note Tucker laughing, Diana shocked, Jake calm and collected giggling. I swear I'm not that bad of a driver.

So we were down this gravel road in the middle of gorgeous nowhere Tennessee admiring some farmland and so forth and I decided to turn around. Well, that ditch was pretty damn flat everywhere but where my front left tire went. I mean, look at the ground in the bottom right corner. So my tire picked the drainage pipe ditch just our luck. This man pulled along and tried to tow us out with this rope he had. Obviously it broke immediately. Let me express to you where we were. It seemed to be all hunting grounds and the man in the rust colored truck told us that people from Alabama that are up here are not welcome.

So then a Ford Explorer pulls up. It's an older man smoking his pipe. Tucker talks to him about what he is smoking and that it smells good. He says he can get the rust colored truck man a chain to pull us out. I'm pretty sure that was only because Tucker complimented his tobacco.

So then this guy pulls up. He steps out of that car and spits a four foot stream of dip out of his mouth. Seriously. He has overalls on and seems to be speaking a different dialect of English. He says he has a tow truck but instantly withdraws that statement saying something along the lines of, "Let's pull her out". Well, get this. We had been trying that already but we decided not to talk back to this man. So we followed. Me, Jake, Tucker, Rust Colored Truck Man, and Dip man all lifted up the front end of my car out of a ditch where my tire was free spinning. Diana manned the accelerator and steering wheel even with the sexist comments flying. "Get someone in there that knows how to operate this thang." Maybe he didn't mean it that way.

We got out.

A very drastic change in scenery here. But we went in this awesome consignment/boutique. I found a North Face super duper winter jacket with down lining etc for $10. Stoked. Diana got some legit stuff.

This was the morning after we camped on this mountain. If you ever come to Huntsville I will hike you up there. It's gorgeous. This is Jake on the side of the mountain we slept on. Colorado stars were happening that night. It was gorgeous.

Huddled around the Morning fire.

Diana wouldn't get out of her womb.

I hope in this lifetime any of you readers will be able to see me build a fire. I do it up.


Summer said...

These are beautiful.

Will Govus said...

i'm going to visit you.

kohlton said...

count me in, william.

géraud said...

these are great photo.

deshazo said...

pete does it on all fours