Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diana and Jake came into town last night. We did this treasure search called Geocaching in this graveyard on Halloween. We got in at about 2:15am from that and now we are up and ready to catch the sunrise. It's 5:34am. I'm feeling great. Tucker isn't. Jake is very quiet. Diana is on her way over here, slowly but surely. We are heading to this bridge I found in the middle of Tennessee. Here it is on Google Maps.

It's that little toothpick over the water there. It was a random find from when I was photographing in that area. I would just drive and get lost and then I found that bridge. Even on the satellite image you can see it's broken down and decrepit. It is over the Elk River and it's surrounded by tons of huge fields on one side and old farm houses on the other.

We also are getting some Korean food today. As well as going camping tonight. Also, sometime in the weekend we are finishing the Assassination Of Jesse James. Which I really recommend.

I have Saturday and Sunday off. That's a great thing.

I'll be carrying my camera.

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Jacob said...

Years ago my brother, a friend of my dads, and I were mountain biking on these trails by our house. When we got to the bottom of the hill we were walking the bikes back up this really steep section and there was this old foundation of a house in the middle of the woods. We walked over to it, and in the chimney remains was one of those geocaching treasure box deal-dads. Pretty funny to just stumble upon it randomly haha, thought I'd throw that out there.