Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bernhard Fuchs.

I have been lucky enough to hold and look through Bernhard's monograph "Autos-Fotografian". It's a rare and pricey find from what I understand. Regardless, I was enthused to look at the book. I still think about it eight months later. I actually was trying to reference this work earlier in the month and forgot our talented

It may be me but I certainly had to search for his work. Which is something I like. I've been thinking a lot about the disenchanting effects of the internet and media outlets on viewing and engaging tangible prints/books/galleries. It's exciting that an artist may not be completely accessible via the internet. It's a discussion I will speak more about in the near future. (Yes, Matthew Genitempo, I will write on it soon.

"Roter LKW. Walsum" 2002. © Bernhard Fuchs

"Grfener Fiat, Helfenberg".
© Bernhard Fuchs

"Welber Passat, Dusseldorf". 2004. © Bernhard Fuchs