Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alejandra Laviada

"Alejandra's work explores the shifting relationship between photography and sculpture, whereby ordinary objects are stripped of their traditional function and perceived differently. Each body of work is an attempt to record pieces of history that are simultaneously being erased and created, and reflect a city struggling to reconcile past and future histories."

I'm a huge fan of installation and sculptural work and seeing Alejandra's work certainly rejuvenated my interests. Certainly these images from "Photo Sculptures"

"Before The Fall". From "Photo Sculptures". 2008.

"The Sum Of All Parts". From "Photo Sculptures". 2008.

"Color Blind Rainbow". From "Photo Sculptures". 2008.

Please take time to view her other work.

and I read via Will Green that Alejandra has been selected by PopPhoto on their list of emerging photographers.

Go check up on Will Green. He's critically analyzing and speaking about amazing work.

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