Monday, October 25, 2010

Lake Mead

Great news to another rather banal and normal sandwich making day.


I want to write a lot more about how irresponsible I feel for not putting forth more effort to document and raise awareness about this issue. It's just interesting you can get trapped in a location with bills and rent and other goals and watch these unbelievable events pass you by. It's an opportunity I see disappear into the distance with the day-to-day struggle just to enjoy living and existing while simultaneously confronting the struggle of finding a better job with better pay with better managers. But even with all of the free time in the world how can you understand, handle, participate and receive all of the information regarding world water issues? How do you contact and interact with the people who are experiencing the issues you are interesting in showing?

In a time in my life where I have basically rebirthed, my time is spread thin with a head full of ideas and nothing to show for them. Leaving school has left me empty handed but with all the potential in the world ahead of me. It's freeing, yes, but without homework you still a have personal responsibility to make sure that you remain challenged and stimulated.

Someone I knew had a list of goals for themselves. They were honest, they were really just raw and basic. "Make more friends" or "Race cyclocross" and I've realized that when you leave the comforts of the constructs of educational institutions (as well as other constructs and frameworks like religion or morality.. which I've also dealt with in the past) you start over. You have to regain your footing and find something to believe in.

It's funny this started with terrible news in the world water front.

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Blankenship said...

The tour i took of the grand canyon informed me that the colorado no longer reaches the sea anymore. it drains to nowhere in the desert. I followed it on google maps as far as i could and he's right, it just ends.