Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Shelf

One time Erin and I were unhappily shopping at Jewel-Osco on Ashland and Archer and I was discussing my plans for the future. Erin had decided to move back to NYC instead of staying in Chicago (good move) and I was out in the cold with everything in the world to do but without a plan or first move. After many minutes of bitching on my part and talking about the big world we lived in and all this shit I could be doing and my dreams and blah-blah she just told me to shut the fuck up and said "Why are you going home? You don't even like home!"

So in Aisle 5, the candy aisle where I stole all of my Cadbury bars from, I decided just to move to NYC.

I sold all of my bike things and spare possessions and dwindled my possessions down to three bags and three boxes and one bike.

So here I am. I am typing in our new apartment that we got one day after we arrived here. You did most of the work - you and Loretta. It's great. We were all nervous about it being a little farther away than we were used to but really it's been great. Sunset Park, from my observations, has a thriving Puerto Rican population mixed with a large Chinese population as well. Everyone is kind to the random white kids in the neighborhood (it's becoming less and less random) and it's wonderfully placed on the R/N train to Manhattan.

I skate with a pack of 20-30 Puerto Rican skaters in Sunset Park up on the hill on this ledge. They are there every day. They couldn't be kinder to me. They clap when each other fall and clap harder when you land a trick. It's sick.

I got a job at S'wich. It's this sandwich place no different than McAlister's back home. It will be ok, I suppose. One only knows how long I'll be there at $9 an hour. I could make the same amount messengering.

I wanted to say thanks to Erin for being a huge support for this move. You've been nothing but understanding about everything. I care about you a lot.

P.s. I fixed the shelf in our room.

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