Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jake and I with Will, Kohlton, and Seth in Spokane, WA on a roadtrip three years later.

Jake and I both broke up with terrible girlfriends last summer and bonded again for the first time since high school. We hadn't hung out in high school but we certainly got along in photo class really well. We didn't talk for two years, broke up with those girls, we bonded, and funny enough, the ex-girlfriends bonded as well (crazy). J

ake and I are best friends. It's funny to realize who you should have been hanging out with all this time. Jake is someone I've spoken about before. But now that we've hung out for a semester in Huntsville, traveled to the Southeast coast, the Pacific Northwest, and NYC it's getting to the next level. I saw him walk out of Erin's apartment door last Sunday and I stopped him and made him realize with me that we were just hanging out in NYC together. It was a nuts feeling. We are living a dream.

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