Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tonight I went and saw the play Edmond. Gillian was in it and was awesome. I thought it was interesting to see the theater kids hang out like they did. I sort of contrasted their social interaction against a "fine arts" student. However obvious this statement is it really made me realized how into myself I am all day long. All I do is think about things I want to produce. Everything in front of me is a readymade and I'm just constantly visually analyzing all of these things. I really liked the teamwork I saw go into the whole process of getting this play off the ground. I get fed up in the introspective, solo, greedy habits I often fall into. I think it's partially how social and active theatre students are in conversations. Jes pointed out their constant hand movements and body language. We were observing them in this room where the crowd was talking before the doors opened and I found myself to be quite socially awkward. That's weird and not normal of me at all. So I just started thinking about how in tune with solitude I have become. I do not mean this to be depressing at all but I have made a ton of aquintances but no best friends besides Jes and Gillian. So most times I have thinking about the next assignment I need to be conceptualizing, working on an assignment, or presenting an assignment. Any other time I spend just thinking and writing or reading. So I was thrown into this very different social framework tonight (different as in actually hanging out with people I guess) and it caught me off guard. But don't get me wrong, I have plenty of opportunities to be with people on the weekends. But there is a certain focus I maintain throughout the entire week about my school and my work that really keeps me caught up in this introspective state.

Oh yeah. I like teamwork. That's why I mentioned how influenced I was by the work it took to get that play off the ground. I miss teamwork. I want to start a club called "If You Give A Shit..." at school. It would be interesting just to see who shows up.

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sos said...

"So I just started thinking about how in tune with solitude I have become."

i can relate. it's hard to balance that love of solitude with a full time job that requires interaction as well as living with your fiance and her five year old.

i miss my solitude.