Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have been thinking about how disenchanted some locations in this world are because of imagery. I think an example that Caroline used in Photo History was the Mona Lisa. Aprill, you took more in about theory in that class than I did. I was to young. I think that disenchantment is why I'm more interested in Wisconsin or South Dakota than going to France. But then at the same time there is more to New York City than Times Square.

-Roland Barthes
-John Berger
-Susan Sontag

Please,those are house hold names in theory, I would gladly accept more that I should be reading in my comment box below.


pauline said...

Jeff Wall!

Aaron Fowler said...

foucault! not directly photo, but i'm sure you guys talked about him in phII

géraud said...

L’Image de soi, ou l’injonction de son beau moment, Hervé Guibert

daniel shea said...

I wasted 5 years of my life reading exclusively theory. It was fine, but I wish I hadn't.

Read more "science." Queue in particular books on evolutionary biology and social psychology.

And always remember there is no god and no morality.

aprill miller said...

well you know how i love me some jean baudrillard. i also really like simone de bevoir's theory of situated freedom...actually a good site that i used to go to all the time to get a feel of a certain philosopher or theory was some are only a page long and others are a few pages long but they give a good feel of a shitload different people. i used to get lost in it.