Friday, February 13, 2009

Documentaries I haven't seen:

+ Sally Mann - What Remains
+ Tina Barney - Social Studies
+ Tierney Gearon - Motherhood

Please link me if you know of a source and please direct me to any other fantastic documentaries you can think that I would like.


bolus said...

don't know any download sources, but the tierney gearon and sally mann docs are for sale here:

smirrh said...
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smirrh said...

There's a fairly recent documentary about William Eggleston called 'William Eggleston in The Real World'. Not got a link - not sure if it's available online anywhere.

Will Govus said...

manufactured landscapes or whatever is pretty fly. i forgot that dudes name.

Pete Halupka said...

edward burtynsky. the opening sequence of that movie has stuck with me for a while. as well as him shooting in a lifted crane thing while he organized a shoot with thousands of workers at those factories.