Sunday, February 8, 2009


Will passed along Badlands as a movie I should watch immediately. I felt like it changed my life to be honest. Badlands is from 1973 and features the young Martin Sheen. Just go watch it. I narrowed down my screen shots and I still have a ton.

"At this moment I didn't feel shame or fear but just kinda blah like when you are sitting there and all the water run out of the bath tub."

"Listen to your parents and teachers they gotta line on most things so don't treat them like outside enemies theres always and outside chance you can learn something. Try and keep an open mind try to understand the view points of others consider the minority opinion but try to get along with the majority of opinion once it's accepted."

I think it's about time I start pursuing my interests in film a bit more seriously. I think it's been over a year where I just have this craving to work on something as organized and flowing as a film.


A.Mart said...

My favorite scene.

Bryan said...

Yes, one of the better films of all time. If you haven't, see all of Terrence Malick's other movies - Days of Heaven, The New World, and my favorite, The Thin Red Line. I can't wait for Tree of Life to come out.

Zenza said...

You should go visit the Badlands.