Friday, January 16, 2009

Sean Stewart Is A Myth!

One time Ben and I were in Manhattan running around past where Jason Dill hangs out into Chelsea. It was raining. I was not prepared for the rain. I had my Toms on. I had an inch of water between the sole of my foot and the shoe. I was freezing and wearing Ben's Dad's jeans. Ben and I were running to Yancey Richardson because I had told Sean Stewart I would come visit. As we went up the elevator to the higher floor where the gallery is we exited at the exact same time as some quickly moving individual was entering the elevator. We went over to the desk and ask if Sean is in and she tells us we had just missed him.

We never met Sean Stewart. (Ben met him this past fall semester in Manhattan...or so he says!)

However, He did just email me and add me on his website links page cleverly named "exits". I giggled when I saw it first. He did misspell my name. Hulupka (Halupka). Spelling it that way would certainly make it easier to pronounce so I was anything but frustrated.

I have met Sean's past work on the internet. And we met once again, face to face, while I was viewing his work titled "Rivertown".

He simply states that, "These photographs are from locations along the Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny rivers close to my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania." Keeping it simple. Thank you. I feel like everything he had been working for visually came together in this series. It just looks more mature. I love how he 'looked'.

Sean Stewart. "Untitled". From "Rivertown".

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Sean said...

Hey Pete,

I'd rather be mythical anyway. It means that I don't have to deal with developing any real relationships (haha).

Thank you so much for the blog post, too. That's really too kind of you. I need to give you a print or a book or something. We'll meet in person soon, I hope. If my girlfriend gets accepted to U Chicago's masters program, we'll definitely be traveling out to visit the school.

As for the typo, I just had my wisdom teeth removed. I haven't even begun the vicodine yet. Maybe tonight...

Best to you Pete,