Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From Untitled Project. "Alabama's". 2008.

In Summer of 2007 I took a summer history course from 8am-11am. It was the summer before college started and needless to say the last thing I cared to do was go to bed early for class. I would generally go to sleep by 5:30am and wake up an hour later for class. Not only did I sleep every class for three hours but I never had a book or studied. I'm not even sure what my grade was in the class but Professor Burkes had a request one class during a slide lecture:

"I really need to get rid of these old slides and go digital with them"

Consequently, I proposed an offer to him after class. I would scan his slides for him. He gave me several boxes and it took me hours and hours to scan all of them. Well, I recently found the folder of all of these scans and there are some jems among the rocks.

He befriended me for those couple of weeks and needless to say I think these slides were the only reason I ever passed. Did I even pass?

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