Friday, November 14, 2008


Some of you might remember this past summer I had surgery on my broken right wrist. Well, I fixed my left wrist in surgery yesterday and I am out of commission for a bit. This one is way worse. The x-ray's the doctor used from August showed that it was a scapphoid non-union. After the surgery he told my mom my wrist had gone from a partial blood supply through the bone and fracture to completely dead bone and broken. He said they even had to straighten the bone. Well, those x-ray's were from before my wreck. I remember the only injury I had was the air bag hitting my wrist. I thought nothing of it besides that I was happy the airbag hadn't hit my fixed wrist.

I need to sleep. This took me a bit to write with one hand.

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Summer said...

Hoping for the best, Pete!