Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I think most people who really know me know that I have been extremely fickle with my decision about moving/not moving to Chicago.

Throughout it all I've had a ton of help from my family, close friends, Richard and Caroline. Even back in March through May when I was deciding to move to NYC in Fall 2009 to go to school I was having this problem with committing to the financial side of things as well as the whole situation of paying for this stamp of approval on my photography that I feel I don't need.

I just felt like I had to get that 'stamp of approval'. I felt like I owed it to the many people I've told I was moving. That I owed it to myself and if my plans fell through I would not have reached that goal and would have to deem the whole plan a failure. I just had a bunch of debt to myself and other people.

So I've made a decision not to move to Chicago in January. I feel comfortable with this decision and I feel my fickle behavior this past three months made it evident I wasn't interested in moving.

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Summer said...

Nice decision, my friend.