Thursday, August 19, 2010

From Erin Jane Nelson Pertaining The ICM


The Institute for Cognitive Misfires (founded 2010) is a collection of artist researchers working to change the public perception of science, history, politics, and medicine as logically-minded fields controlled by the privileged and trained. These fields of knowledge--now more than ever--should be mutable and subjective rather than power-driven and bureaucratic. The I.C.M. intends to deliver artist-discovered research findings to you through publications, original artworks, texts, lectures, events, and ESP. We are currently in the process of building our database, complete with detailed documentation of staff research and a collective archive of relevant materials to the work we do here. We hope you enjoy your information experience here at The Institute.


I.C.M. is currently looking for faculty and projects. Please consider applying for any of the following positions:

*Senior Researcher- (2 positions available) Senior Researchers provide multiple ongoing projects for I.C.M. pertaining to both their personal endeavors and the functionality of The Institute as a whole. Senior researchers should have experience with both producing large scale projects and creating effective documentation of their work. Strong writing skills are necessary.

*Junior Researcher- (2 positions available) Junior Researchers are responsible for maintaining various smaller scale projects for the organization. Unlike Senior Researchers, Junior Researchers are given projects and tasks to carry out in addition to working on personal projects. Assigned tasks may include assisting Senior or Visiting Researchers in their projects, producing lectures and other educational events with the Educational Coordinator, writing weekly articles about current events within the organization, etc. We prefer someone who is interested in working collectively on some projects, but also able to conduct effective personal projects.

*Educational Coordinator- (1 position available) This position is for a sharer and not a researcher. The Educational Coordinator, in addition to being at the forefront of all periodicals (blog, newsletter) of The Institute, is also responsible for public programming including lectures, classes, workshops, and videos. Innovative approaches to pedagogy are strongly appreciated and welcomed

*Designer- (1 position available) Anyone with basic graphic and web design skills who is also interested in taking on publications and possibly building databases is more than welcome to apply for this position. Research-based design projects are also encouraged through this position.

*Intern- (1-3 positions available on an ongoing basis) Interns are responsible for assisting Researchers and the Educational Coordinator with their ongoing projects. Interns should be willing to juggle several projects at once. Interns are also responsible for maintaining and growing our database of resources and members. If someone is interested in interning for a particular part of the organization, this option is certainly open.

*Visiting Researchers- (multiple positions available on an ongoing basis) We welcome all kind of researchers and artists to contribute single bodies of work, or single projects to a juried, ongoing collection at The Institute. A wide range of projects and work are applicable. All projects should include a short abstract or text explaining your work.

In the early stages of The Institute, all positions are on a pro bono basis. Eventually we hope to establish honorariums and small salaries for our staff. If you are interested in applying for any of the positions, please send a letter of intent, visual samples of your work, and an optional resume to erinjanenelson[at] All applicants should title their e-mails "ICM-[position you're interested in]."