Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Hunter's - Huntsville, Alabama 2008

When I was finishing up my first year of school in Nashville I heard news that I had to have surgery on two broken wrists I had had for four or more years.

So I moved home to not only have that done but settle at home base to regroup for a move to a new college/city. I moved into my house with my mom and got a car to commute for community college and work. Soon, though, as I came home to go bike riding with Jake Deshazo (pictured below) I drove into a ditch and totaled my car.

So without a car I had to figure something out for work and school. While hanging out with a new found old soccer friend, Tucker Hunter, I asked to stay with their family in their house. It was between work and school and I could ride a bike to either.

The Hunter's opened their home to me for several months and I slept beside Tucker's bed on a mattress. I ate all of their food and shit in their toilet but they never asked for anything.

Before I moved I photographed all of them in the basement where Diana was getting a dramatic haircut (the length below to very, very short). I didn't get to photograph younger brother Mitch or middle sister Audrey.

I really care about the Hunter's. I love them terribly for what they allowed me to do. I would have never been able to move to Chicago in January 2009 without their help through Fall 2008. I also thank Jake and Diana for contributing so largely to that part of my life.

I processed these sheets of film after all of this time:

Mrs. Hunter

Tucker Hunter

Mr. Hunter

Jake Deshazo

Diana Bowden

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