Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Speech

Today in Science class was the first day of presentations. I wasn't assigned to go but there were twenty minutes left and the professor offered a spot for another speaker. My speech was nine minutes instead of the assigned seven so I let her know that and she allowed it. Lucky.

So I made my first speech on Water Conservation in a pretty impromptu manner. I got caught up a couple of times but had memorized all important statistics and the story of Pablo Valencia I had for the introduction/sucker-inner. But for being off the bat, it went very, very well. I had solid eye contact and I feel like people took it seriously but also understood I was coming at them with compassion as a fellow human who sometimes, unavoidably, uses too much water in a day. I told them some shocking stats about how much water it takes to produce a pound of beef but reinforced the idea that we don't all have to become vegans to change the course we are on, you know? I spoke about the change on a personal level that begins a revolution on a collective level.

It went really well. Tomorrow I speak in Speech/Public Speaking as well as in my literature class where my good friend/teacher, Marcy, allowed me to spread the good word to everyone in there on the last day.

Thanks, guys.


Robbie Brannigan said...

I used statistics about how much water it takes to produce different foods in a paper I wrote. There's a lot of information in a report called "the global benefits of eating less meat" which is online somewhere.

Emily said...

I am doing a water conservation talk today in my econ class.
wish I could have seen yours!