Friday, April 2, 2010

Military Shower Pt. 2

Ok, so with the average kid my age, I doubt they are taking five minute showers... So if a five minute shower takes up 20 gallons, then a 8-10 minute shower is 35-40 gallons. So let's assume people my age shower four times a week..

This being said, I've had three people personally tell me that they've practiced military showering. I am absolutely honored, humbled, and excited that the post I made caused any amount of change. Let me do the math for you guys...

Let's say just three people practiced it. That means you guys saved between 450-480 gallons of water in one week. That's just for three people, guys. Let's be safe and say Nick White only showers once a week. Still, between the three of the people who mentioned this to me they saved 300+ gallons of water, saved time, and got back to life outside the bathroom.

Absolutely incredible. If anyone else might have practiced this, you can always let me know these sort of things. Feedback and interactivity are critical to me.

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Robbie Brannigan said...

happy to say i've cut my 5 minute shower down to 2 because of you. not even 4 times a week. maybe it's not you just bad hygiene.