Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Military Shower

The military shower, a simple and ironically unknown procedure for a son of a military man such as myself, is too simple for the grandiose effect it makes.

I implemented the military shower technique the other day and it was far from a painful adjustment. And with a 5 minute shower using 20 gallons of water, accumulating to 120 gallons per week, I didn't mind trying this out or forcing myself to do this from now on. I don't doubt I'll take a full shower this year but I'm taking small steps...

In a discussion with Rep. Brian Baird from USA Today:

Q. How do you address the common impression that behavioral change is code for sacrifice? Carpooling seems like a hassle. Shorter showers seem like a hassle.

A. People say, "I like long, hot showers." I understand that. Do you like passing $1.3 trillion in debt on to your kids? Do you like having them possibly enlisted in wars to go fight for foreign oil? Do you like the plausibility that by the end of the century, most coral reefs could be dissolving? Not engaging behavior change is also a sacrifice -- it's a sacrifice of our children. We are sacrificing the economy because we're racking up deficits, partly because we spend so much on energy. We're sacrificing the environment through ocean acidification and lethal overheating of the planet.

So the choice for me is, make relatively small and not particularly sacrificial behavioral changes or pass crippling financial debt and environmental damage on to my children. That should not be a difficult choice.

Reminds me of studying for school little by little or nailing those Spanish conjugations the night before class.

The military shower method is a simple one.

1. Turn on water and without waiting for the perfect temperature jump in. I hate cold water as much as you though so do your best. Wet body and hair to prepare for soap and shampoo. Then turn it off!

2. Soap and shampoo whatever you need...

3. Turn that warm ass water back on and feel great cleaning up. Wash it all off and turn it off ASAP.

So.... easy..

P.S. All you couples out there, double up in a normal shower or even better, double up in the military style shower. Damnnnnn.

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