Monday, December 28, 2009

st louis, huntsville, chattanooga

scott picked me up at the amtrak in st louis and driving downtown i looked in the mirror at a light and this dude fucking shredded out into the intersection at a fast speed.

chick fil a for the first time in a long time

i went home for the holidays and enjoyed myself. this is a plant enjoying itself.

paul is good

this is my bed at home. mom always makes it when people come home. i dig that.

scott took wheel for pissing in public's blog.. or maybe pissing in nature..

this is seriously the sickest dude. joe is a really good friend i grew up skating with. one time we made a skate video when we first met because he was the best skater i knew. it was called the joe show. he could fucking hurricane on this tiny ass curb outside his house and back 180 5050 and stuff. insane shit. we used to spend the night at my house just to skate two miles to the nearest subway. mind you we grew up in a pretty rural area.

i got pretty jacked one night. albie documented it. put my teeth through my lip and broke my nose.

eric sheets is another skate friend from way back. it was so good to see him. i still know his number by heart. he was a part of the subway excursions as well.

this is a coke machine in chattanooga, tn.

jesus christ i need some again. i spent thirteen dollars there.

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