Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Re: Skateboard Co-Op

There is progress being made concerning the skateboard co-op.

I have 20-30 boards at my disposal. I also have several pairs of wheels with those boards.

I let these fucking kind people know that I do not want the donations until I have the resources necessary to distribute the skateboards. I could never be gracious enough that these people even considered donating!

The next step is to contact local youth centers that my Anthropology teacher so kindly directed me towards. I cannot predict their reaction but I know that with or without their help I have the outlets to go through with this. In this situation the largest problem would be getting the skateboard gear to equip the kids with setups. The good thing? The skateboard donations is by-far the easiest step in the mission. A couple of emails to locals here, Skateperception support, an email or two to larger companies and we would be set to go.

The other thing halting this entire plan is a little something called Chicago winter. Planning and organizing will be done in the next months. I hope to have several obstacles built all over Pilsen/Little Village by Spring - ledges, ramps, portable rails.

I'll keep you updated.

Thank you Shawn Bush, Ryan Duggan, Nick White, and Maria Fregoso.


MFU said...

I will help you with anything you need. I am an organized mind.

katykeefe said...

hey pete, i helped rebuild an entire skatepark 2 years ago if you need help with ramps, halfpipes, obstacles.