Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jon West

I know I had to stretch my curious little skate rat mind back a couple of years to catch Jon West skate in Foundation - Art Bars when Joe Robertson got me stoked on it back in middle school. I think that video had nine Modest Mouse songs in it and a more than half of it seemed to be at night. It was really gritty, amazing soundtrack and super dark. It was refreshing to see.

I remember seeing Jon West's part and photos right when I started to make photographs and they really got me stoked. But then all of the sudden he disappears from the skate scene and for years since I genuinely wondered where he had went more than just once. Thank god for SBC Mag they found him and interviewed him. He had a daughter, works for EA Games designing shit, made it through film school and still makes shit all the time. It's really nice to see someone like this make it through life on this creative raft. I say raft because the only way to pursue this creativity, I feel, is to float and go where you feel you should go.

I actually can't find his Artbars part on Youtube but below are two of his shop video parts post retirement. If you find his Artbars part it's such a jem.

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