Monday, August 31, 2009


think about your life, think about how truthful we are to our emotions, held captive as well, then think about all of what we will reep because of it. realize that your dreams will come true and the fear that we see everyone having about pursuing their dreams is simply false. you are an exception. your movements and decisions are conscious and full of awareness. you ruin the insoles of your shoes quickly because your toes move more than other people because you quiver when you see things that are beautiful, stunning or shocking. your mind is full but never full enough because it's always growing. you think of the future and it's expansive and wide, full and filled with potential. your growth is determined by the people you surround yourself with and luckily you choose to fill the space surrounding you with inspiration, sensitivity and intellectual reciprocation and stimulation. people provide you with something because you provide them with something as well. you smile a lot. i feel like that makes the world all that much bigger yet smaller at the same time. bigger in the sense that the ability to interact as a socially functional human being allows more possiblity and enlightenment and inspiration. and smaller in the way that you befriend, inspire and shrink down the web of this world. that web, that map that people never get a chance to see much of, you'll get an amazing taste. as beautiful and poignant as turning your back to the world is you choose to do the opposite and react to all that happens directly in front of you.