Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Many Dynamos

Back in Huntsville in high school So Many Dynamos was super local. I remember two of my coolest friends, Courtney and Bonnie, would tell me all about them. I was a huge fan of these dudes at the end of high school when they were starting to travel a bit. For some reason I remembered them today for no reason, found their myspace, and they've grown a ton. Their old album is still so fucking sick and when I started playing it Albie came in my room and said, "You are listening to So Many Dynamos?" That's sweet because he's from California. Then Anna knew them as well. Stoked. Just hadn't visited their tunes in a couple of years and was happy to get their older album back again. I haven't gotten their new album yet but they do play here Saturday night. I don't know why I'm blogging this. Just go find the album and listen.


A.Mart said...

Saw them summer of 2006 in Sacramento when the band I was on tour with opened for them. It was siiiiick.

Zenza said...

I have a badass So Many Dynamos shirt. It's green with a sketch of a dinosaur eating a piece of pizza. I didn't even realize So Many Dynamos spells the same thing backwards until a kid pointed it out to me in the hall.