Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i knew jereme and ryan had chosen another path and mindset in skating. but greg lutzka? damn. i just think axe deodorant is a bit much... and with a presumed unlimited budget the video still will suck. i guess they are thinking about their futures but can't you focus on at least being part of a good project at the same time?

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Bryant Thompson said...

This is how the united states fails me. Its difficult to preserve something for the essence of its beauty, without being exploited for money. These things make me want to live in another country to see how life is compared to here, and see if this trend has yet become globalized.

When I went to Ecuador, I went to a section of the forest that was so beautiful, and it was pretty known by people of the area. I couldn't help but conclude that In the united states, a location like that would be made into a place where someone made some sort of profit. Rather that leave it be for what it is.