Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I haven't made a list in a while

Critical To My Life

+ Water, proper hydration
+ Tea
+ Awl
+ Pencil
+ New sketchbook
+ Art After Modernism (Thanks A.M.)
+ Chicago Public Library
+ Art 21
+ Ubu
+ Nalgene Bottle
+ Central Bakery Doughnuts (still)
+ Bike
+ Walgreen's CD Scans
+ Kodak 800
+ Flash
+ Leaves Of Grass
+ Scissors
+ 14 lbs of terrible 4th of July ground beef (now gone, thank god)
+ Cashews
+ Fluffing downtown at rush hour
+ Masking tape
+ Visual phenomenons
+ Agnes Martin
+ Pierre Huyghe
+ External harddrives
+ Focus
+ Thyroid medication
+ Fish Oil
+ KY Jelly
+ Cheese, beans, tortillas and butter
+ Southwest Airline Tickets to SF
+ Sleep


kohlton said...

you're critical to my life. talk to you in two weeks.

Diana Bowden said...

leaves of grass?

aprill miller said...

wtf man are you serious??? when are you going to san fran????? holy shit, why haven't you told me? i do hope that sf stands for that anyway. and if it does, it better be after aug 4th!