Thursday, July 23, 2009

i said to albie and ejn, "let's make something before we go to bed and document it."

albie got new shoes today. their yellow, light, breathable and were cheap. ejn filled no water balloons. the beans and rice were not alone. cheddar cheese, sour cream and hot sauce. i had turned my reading lamp towards the ceiling to distribute the light a bit more evenly. at one point i decided that was no longer necessary and i turned the hot bulbous fixture back to my keyboard.

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MFU said...

Wednesday night my dear friend Todd came over and he said, "Ok, we are going to make something tonight". He and me sister just bought new cameras, Olympus somethings that are not actually out yet. Todd, Leah, Corrina and I stayed up experimenting until I heard my parents getting up and ready for work. I'll show you the results if you would like. Our lives are strangely similar

If you and my friend Todd don't meet each other then there is no hope for humanity.

Your what ratio is unfortunate. If you download anything else it needs to be the app for self control.