Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ian Aleksander Adams.

While thinking about traveling to Savannah with my family I remembered that Ian Adams lived here and had just graduated from SCAD. I emailed that motherfucker and got his number right away. I was wondering around luscious Savannah alley ways and decided to call him to meet up. He said he would come right away to get me from our rendezvous point. I sat on the curb, laid my head on my knees, and after a bit I stop watching him and dozed off. Immediately after I laid my head down a Buick Grandma blew into the gas station bottoming out their front fender and Ian yells my name to get in the car. Of course Phil Collins was blaring. We went to his amazing Savannah home. I walked into Ian's room and looked at his girlfriend and said, "OH, the red headed preachers daughter!" We all proceeded to eat apples, talk about acid, zines, and transferring schools. Nice to meet you Ian and Beth. Seriously.

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Ian Aleksander Adams said...

it was a pleasure, pete my friend

I think beth is scanning in pictures from her holga right now.

visit any time, you know we got comfy couches.