Monday, May 18, 2009


i forget how much i love it here

i got here saturday about four-ish and met ben, chris latina, jake d., amy and d and chris' friends outside of penn station. we fiddled around most of the night, got fourties, drank, then we met erin and jake and i went to her place to crash for the night.

then the next morning i woke up and jake, me, and erin made blue corn pancakes. i pushed my pancake making abilities to the limit and it proved worthwhile. skillet wide pancakes without a spatula and only a plastic knife.

Only Talents:

1. Building fires
2. Flipping p-cakes with plastic knives

During breakfast a slight hangover I would more so just attribute to pure dehydration hit jake and i. ben came over too. so we ate those pancakes then met chris and peter to go to dashwood books. a big store of photo books... perfect. after that we got dollar slices next to cooper, i found some banana republic dress slacks with pee and cum stains on them that i am wearing now, moved to the tompkins sq park and sat on the bench and hung out.

left to right: me, erin, jake, ben and chris.

we ate our pizza while this man opened his asshole wide open for us. I even saw his ballsack. Then his female friend spoke to us about how nasty that was but then decided it would not be as nasty to shit in the trashcan next to him. Fantastic nyc stories going on here.

then we all geeked out about photo on the bench. I said "I like photography a lot" and then Chris said "I like taking pictures so much" and it was one of the funnier things that was said. And after writing this out I realize how contextually funny that is.. Shoot..

Then Jake split, Ben went back to study for finals and Chris, Me, And Erin came back to erin's place. We met valerie, who is a sweety pie, and then i went with chris to meet daniel and jake s. in brooklyn.

daniel and i and this guy i met a year ago randomly, chris, hung out, talked about my work. daniel and i talked for hours. i came back here. fell asleep. woke up. now erin is out. i am meeting with jake s. in fifteen minutes. then meeting with alana and grant with erin.

new work has been received well. i would say thats the biggest thing.


kohlton said...

you can make a damn good fire.
And a photo book store?! I fuqin hate you.

and i cant wait to see your photograpektures.

MFU said...

Pee and cum stains.

This weekend I heard a story about a friend who spent his freshman year of college dealing with soft serve because he didn't know he was lactose intolerant. Thought of you.