Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Neighborhood I Live In In Chicago

Not sure if I should glorify this at all but I think it's awesome. Gangs are something I've always been interested in. From Paul D'Amato inserting himself in the above gang to Boogie in NYC or Eastern European skinheads. It's just funny because I don't think this vibe that they are portraying in the above videos is how the neighborhood feels. It feels like a very tight family. In my dreams I wish I could be a part of this family. What a great culture.

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Bonnie said...

your friends are your family. just cos you don't have a pack mentality doesn't mean their not. you are just your own person. You should read Beauvoir's stuff about the sub human and the serious man. It's in ethics of ambiguity.

I still remember boogie.

miss you