Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jack Dingo Ryan

Jack Dingo Ryan. Scaffold/Plume -Mixed Media and Archive Inkjet.

I've spoken about Dingo before. He was an extremely pivotal figure for me back at Watkins College of Art and Design in Nashville (Aug 2007-May 2008). He taught me a couple of things: coveralls are sick, vans are sick, thinking is so very important, drink all the beer you can in Chelsea (we ran around Chelsea on our trip to NYC), get to a place you need to go regardless of money because that will work out (I "didn't" have the money for NYC, he said "Just figure out the money" and I met Ben, Richard, and decided Nashville wouldn't do anymore. Which is essentially the beginning catalyst for me being here in Chicago a year later), and that knowing people matters (Dingo allowed me to introduce David Berman at school for his lecture on top of letting a couple of student and I take him to lunch).

Dingo also:

+ Was an Alaskan fisherman
+ Knew to marry his wife when he moved across the nation with her in a van where he had made this tiny nook above the pile of shit with a cot to sleep in and she never bitched.
+ Gave me a flash for my XA and a Kodak Retina
+ Taught me a lot of amazing vocabulary words and really set a standard for me concerning a good professor
+ Has a child of a couple months
+ Moved to a sickening position at U. Of Oregon
+ Once traveled to Tokyo for a couple of days during New Years
+ Has several rumors and wild stories surrounding him that I absolutely believe
+ Gave me a sense of what I could possibly see, experience, and adventure in this world.
+ Legitimized my faith in being an artist.
+ Essentially influenced how I speak about art every single day.

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