Friday, May 15, 2009

It is 4:32am, book, project is about...

I had huge issues making my book today. I had major time constraints and I think I just spent 23 hours completing what I wish could be a rough draft. I sewed, sewed, and re-sewed this thing and I kept learning something new I should be doing each step of the way. Unfortunately, in four hours I have final critique on the book. I would like to think that this "rough draft" parallels with not only my life but the concept of this project but at that point I think it's a stretch. A big one. I think these images deserve a more formal presentation than what they have been provided.

The book is 24 large format images from What I Didn't Understand I'll Show You Here. The book size is 6x7 inches with 4x5 inch prints. I have shown just a few images and really anticipate a positive reaction to what you guys will see sooner than later.

The title, What I Didn't Understand I'll Show You Here , is text and a concept I have been waiting to use for closer to a year. I do think I finally completed the pairing.

My life has hung in limbo since I left Nashville last May. Everything from photography to relationships to my own sanity was seemed to be rotting from stagnation. I was constantly pursuing some sort of comprehension of my surroundings and the repercussions of not only my actions but others. How do we function in this world? Do we function separately or do we constantly reciprocate each others actions? Dancing along? Where is this balance that I so readily believe in? Where is the line between collective well-being and personal happiness?

Singularity versus community. I visualize this space. I move in and out of it all day. I turn social interaction off. I turn it on. I slip in and out of this mentality like your eyelid pumping up and down. On my own I question every action and thought. While doing so nothing else matters. Comparatively, while socializing I function as a mediator, a tactician to resolve issues presented to me.

These ideas that are essential to my every day life influenced this project so naturally. My approach for this project was to make images. I trusted that in doing so I would gather a group of photographs that relate solely because they are an extension of an emotion, evoking some idea or concept. At a time where so many new ideas were being explored I could not comprehend focusing on just one. I wanted to explore whatever idea was at the forefront of my thinking. I let myself guide, well, myself.

I photographed Matt on his rooftop in April. I remember setting up my camera and thinking about this project idea. I asked, "What photograph can I make that would fit in this series?" I could not even start to think about what photo to take of Matt in this perfect sunset light. I was trying to fit each photograph into this mold. I was slightly stressed. Then I vocalized my issue to Matt. Upon hearing how ridiculous I sounded I resorted to just making a fucking photograph because I had an idea. With that being the only motivation. Sarah Faust and Christy Karpinski really supported my lack of regimented shooting concept for this project. Doing so with a sophomore at a school like Columbia is really the same as falling backwards. They were just hoping I would follow through and catch them.

I hope the project speaks volumes to what has been happening since I arrived here. I think it is a huge step for me. Never before had I produced photographs like I did in this series. It's a diverse and eclectic image collection of strangers asking me to take their picture, highly sexualized images, or even quiet moments of contemplation of people I scheduled to shoot a photo of.

I head to New York Saturday morning. First I have 8:30am crit for Photo and then 3D final crit at 1pm. Then I have to clean up my room and paint the walls since I'm moving out soon. I am going to pull an all nighter with another cup of coffee here in a bit.

It's 5:03am.


Matt Clarke said...

I am looking forward to seeing them.

deshazo said...

shooting a series based on particular feeling rather than using the space in the frame a specific way is way better in my opinion.

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dr.brown said...

excited for everything