Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Florian Slotawa

Seeing Florian Slotawa speak a couple of weeks ago on top of seeing his Hotel Room sculptural installations and seeing how amazing his Euro denim/athletic shoe steez was really influenced my work and how I think about producing my work. One thing that stuck with me was his troubles as a student concerning the creation of more "stuff" by buying and consuming to build his sculptures. To subvert this issue he simply resorted to his belongings or items that already have entered the world. I remember Dingo telling me in my 2D class that he used to build half of his sculptures by digging through the classroom trashcan. So I built a sculpture out of my Pizza Hut breadstick box for class. I think inspiration is so amazing.

If you want good jeans, email Florian Slotawa and ask him. If you want the slickest Puma's you can find he is your man. Euro artist steez for the win. (Also find his work here)

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