Friday, May 8, 2009


+ Calumet (Epson 13x19)
+ Down to Irv's for tube (Stupid winter Chicago streets flat)
+ Procrastinated long enough on app for Harold (Submit)
+ Prints for Sarah tonight
+ Dinner at Judith's with class, wine, thank god.
+ home to edit photos
+ print tomorrow morning/sun morning
+ finish by inkjet (15) by monday?
+ mon, scan digital assignments for semester (due weds with final images)
+ also figure out PACT fund situation, please
+ tues weds c-print 15, develop title and short statement
+ weds/thurs make book. have book done by weds night for errors to arise thurs before fri
+ fit some sculpture in somewhere for fri crit in 3D
+ fri final crit for book. bring binders for christy.
+ get faded in celebration after fri crit
+ pack for nyc
+ rub one out on erins pillow
+ take ben for a ride on the wild side
+ drink as many fourties in one week as possible
+ watch the notebook
+ meet timothy and amy
+ get fooked with Mr. Lepley and talk about politics

it's weird i have the next week of my life planned to a tee. it's just easy with such a big list of things to do because the movements and action in between these are just to get me to the next assignment/acitivty/obligation


erin jane nelson said...

+erin beating the shit out of you for coming all the way from chicago to fart in her presence.

Benford Lepley said...

Pete made a joke about cumming on my pillow when I first met him, too.

kohlton said...

plannin' sux bro.
unless of course it involvez pill-o skeetin'