Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So yesterday Matt Austin (a kid who gives a shit about art) and I realized that we live a block away from each other. Then this morning I went to the platform to catch my train into the loop and he was standing there. So we talked till we got to school about photo and school and such. Then we went to class. Crit happened. I got no responses besides my TA (Thanks, Mike) but I felt like it was a successful inspection of the idea, you know? It was good. Then I got out of class, caught lunch with Matt and talked for two hours about art, photo, ideas and school. Then went to class, got out at 3:45 after this super super awesome conversation while walking my teacher to her car. She was telling me about her dissertation on disenchantment. Then I went to MOCP to meet with Daniel and Jes to hear Florian Slotawa and Heather Mekkelson. Euro dudes = nice shoes and nice denim. Sick. Then we left but not before Daniel introduced me to Zack whom I would jump to a conclusion to say is thinking and working hard at shooting and making ideas happen. So then Daniel, Zack, myself and Jes went to Panera where Jes got me a kids meal. Thanks. and THEN we went to Laurel's lecture, stumbled upon Jason outside, stumbled upon Brian in the lab, and Matt had met up with us. So we assembled this hoodrat group of photo douche bags and it was a good time. Laurel is as nice as I've heard.

It was honestly just a giant day of photo geekery.

Then we left the lecture, Matt and I went back to his place that is a block from my place that I didn't know for two weeks now. His place has a rooftop access, its dirty, and it's a decent size at with three bedrooms/three people its only $275 a month? WHAT!? Welcome to Pilsen.

So then I came home and get some zines from Alexander Martinez. They are so sick.

Gonna go photograph this installation. Peace.


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Glad I could participate in nerd day.