Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, after a couple of days and realizing there are limitations to ideas and aspirations to some extent I have been exposed to reality on several levels. I would say Jes woke me up from my pipe dream with some realistic advice.

"if everyone would just stop worrying so much about the aesthetic direction of getting an art collective or community of artists together and just focus on what the goal is......to get together, then maybe shit would evolve into something bigger over time.
if you really want to do this for the raw basis of being with artists, creating a bond, driving each others' ideas and works, networking and building a strong voice of students THEN LETS DO IT. you will never get anything off the ground as long as you continue to simply talk about things if you are always brainstorming, nothing will ever automatically follow through"

So here lies the problem with huge dreams and an all or nothing personality... gotta ollie before you kickflip, gotta crawl before you walk, gotta get low before you can get high, whatever metaphor you want, take it. But ultimately Jes has good ideas and a good head on her shoulders and we haven't been seeing each other as much as we used to
(two weeks ago is a long time in busy student talk). So I sort of drove off this side road and she stayed on the main one. And what was once an idea started as a group, sort of turned into me being caught up in my own head on my own schedule. Which completely defies the point of what we are driving to do not only here in our group of friends but also in chicago and on a larger mental and physical scale.

Well, you can see why Jes and I get along so well. At least I know I can piss her off. Well, I already knew that. Buy me some Subway, yo.

On another side note I spoke to Myra Greene about the student body being more involved in the decisions about the lectures at Columbia. So much was talked about and so much would need to be sorted out before it could come off the ground. The hard part about this is the limitations of a body of students this large, how we would do this democratically, is it possible to run this democratically?, where would dawoud bey and bob thall stand on student participation? would only certain students help decide on some sort of panel? who would appoint these students and what is the criteria?


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