Monday, April 6, 2009

A List I Wrote From 4PM till 4AM

Hello, I am a student and this is for my Narrative Collage Project. I just wanted to let you know a little more about who I am. If you want to meet in person we can i-chat sometime. Or if you want to hear my voice I can take a digital voice recording and compress the file to make it an easier transfer. Listen, anything for you, my best friend, to get to know a little more about me. I am personable and willing to show or tell you anything about me.

(More information and photographs of installation to come. Thanks to all that participated.)

+ I like trail mix
+ I like plaid
+ I like my bed
+ I like a girl
+ I like my boots
+ I like my fixed wrists
+ I like my mom
+ I like roadtrips
+ I like photography
+ I like Chicago
+ I like New York
+ I like love
+ I like Digital I with Tom Shirley
+ I like Mike Reinders, the best TA ever
+ I like texting
+ I like The Biggest Spruce Tree In The World
+ I like Will Govus
+ I like Ben Lepley
+ I like my friends
+ I like ex-girlfriends
+ I like girlfriends
+ I like Cherry Coke
+ I like tacos
+ I like Pilsen
+ I like Spanish
+ I like traveling
+ I like large format film
+ I like typing this list
+ I like darkrooms
+ I like scholarships
+ I like public transportation
+ I like gyros
+ I like parties
+ I like beer shits
+ I like cheap beer
+ I like Pabst Blue Ribbon
+ I like Paul Halupka
+ I like my family
+ I like Jes
+ I like potluck dinners
+ I like Joey
+ I like Kodak Endura
+ I like fingernails clipped
+ I like man sachels
+ I like sculptures
+ I like Miklos
+ I like sweet tea
+ I like green forests
+ I like burning wood
+ I like fire starting
+ I like people
+ I like people leaving rooms
+ I like people entering rooms
+ I like looking at droplets of water on windows
+ I like Paul D'Amato
+ I like Jason Lazarus
+ I like Brian Ulrich
+ I like artists
+ I like people paying for my meal
+ I like paying for your meal
+ I like splitting $5 foot long subs
+ I like this keyboard
+ I like repeating myself
+ I like sleeping in cars
+ I like trains
+ I like throwing rocks at trains
+ I like putting pennies on train tracks
+ I like other people putting pennies on train tracks
+ I like pennies
+ I like train tracks
+ I like Kelly and Beau
+ I like sandwiches
+ I like books
+ I like reading
+ I like wishing I could focus
+ I like focusing
+ I like focusing my large format camera
+ I like meeting new people
+ I like cherry coke
+ I like usb cords
+ I like portable harddrives
+ I like saying lol
+ I like everyone reading this
+ I like everyone in my digital class
+ I like not liking digital output
+ I like liking digital output
+ I like ra4 processors
+ I like free things
+ I like free bread
+ I like buses
+ I like cities
+ I like the middle of nowhere
+ I like beaches
+ I like Eternal Sunshine
+ I like Dingo
+ I like cookies
+ I like Mom
+ I like Mom making homemade pizza
+ I like bikes
+ I like skateboards
+ I like film
+ I like digital
+ I like video
+ I like 8th grade
+ I like being home alone
+ I like not being home alone
+ I like noodles
+ I like sauce on my noodles
+ I like burritos
+ I like beans
+ I like black beans
+ I like 7/11
+ I like grandma
+ I like Gillian
+ I like SNL
+ I like Jimmy Fallon
+ I like Golden Age
+ I like Erin Jane
+ I like New York street vendors
+ I like cucumbers
+ I like baby carrots
+ I like taking trains till they stop
+ I like underwear
+ I like not wearing underwear
+ I like sleeping naked
+ I like not sleeping
+ I like sleeping till afternoon
+ I like afternoon naps
+ I like Judith
+ I like her Volvo
+ I like that she partied with Andy Warhol
+ I like this blog
+ I like wondering why I like this blog
+ I like wondering who will read this
+ I like shitty photography
+ I like seafood
+ I like the south
+ I like the north
+ I like the west
+ I like the east
+ I like not landing in the middle
+ I like not being mediocre
+ I like telling you everything
+ I like knowing I might as well show it all if I am going to show a little
+ I like art
+ I like art school
+ I like the idea of art school
+ I like hating art school
+ I like good teachers
+ I like sore muscles
+ I like exercise
+ I like gallery openings
+ I like black people
+ I like social frameworks
+ I like discrimination
+ I like my teacher, rebecca
+ I like brad
+ I like Jake
+ I like liking
+ I like handrails
+ I like ledges
+ I like waxed curbs
+ I like skateperception
+ I like control-t
+ I like shift =/+
+ I like Chelsea
+ I like hating Chelsea
+ I like google
+ I like finding information out via cha-cha
+ I like riding bikes at night by myself
+ I like riding through the streets
+ I like tailslides
+ I like book stores other than B&N
+ I like coffee
+ I like mochas
+ I like my nalgene bottle
+ I like my contemporary
+ I like traditional
+ I like pushing boundaries
+ I like not pushing boundaries
+ I like apples
+ I like catering
+ I like Honda
+ I like Harvest
+ I like home
+ I like apartment
+ I like talking on the phone like that
+ I like questioning it all
+ I like where life is taking me
+ I like that one exhibit I saw
+ I like Mom's cake
+ I like Shannon and Ed and the kids
+ I like the lake
+ I like waverunning
+ I like America
+ I like other places besides America
+ I like smoking a cigarette when I'm not sober
+ I like not smoking cigarettes
+ I like Jetta's
+ I like Satco
+ I like like ice cream
+ I like how things are made
+ I like bubble wrap
+ I like writing in my journal
+ I like going against the grain
+ I like turkey sandwiches
+ I like revolving doors
+ I like people who came up with the name "revolving door"
+ I like inventors
+ I like people who stand for something bigger
+ I like proactive people
+ I like people who have a workflow
+ I like people who don't have a workflow and do whatever they feel
+ I like marriage
+ I like not being married
+ I like that bridge over the river
+ I like french vanillia cappuccino
+ I like liking one thing a whole lot
+ I like jpeg
+ I like tiff
+ I like remembering Tiffany Graves from middle school
+ I like playgrounds
+ I like tether ball
+ I like going the highest on the swing
+ I like wasting things
+ I like thinking I'm hungry when I'm not
+ I like being greedy
+ I like moving
+ I like shitting
+ I like brushing my teeth
+ I like shutting doors
+ I like opening them too
+ I like bridges
+ I like friction
+ I like the idea of peace
+ I like knowing that we can function one way or another
+ I like snowy beaches
+ I like flashes
+ I like korean food
+ I like turning off my cell phone
+ I like saving letters
+ I like throwing letters away
+ I like nice pens
+ I like nice pencils
+ I like 2b
+ I like burritos from Chipotle
+ I like subverting consumerism
+ I like thinking that I subvert consumerism
+ I like thinking about Catholicism
+ I like fixed gear bikes
+ I like elaborate road bikes
+ I like finger prints
+ I like not understanding
+ I like lying about not understanding
+ I like thinking about what I just committed to
+ I like realizing how long typing for twelve hours is
+ I like Matt Austin
+ I like Mac's
+ I like burnt Mac and Cheese
+ I like propane
+ I like blowing wind in grass
+ I like the midwest
+ I like paper
+ I like book binding
+ I like your blog
+ I like chicken
+ I like the smell of good food
+ I like Clark and Lake
+ I like Damen
+ I like food
+ I like peanut butter
+ I like Josh Brown
+ I like the military
+ I don't like the military
+ I like concrete
+ I like eye sight
+ I like I-Sight
+ I like the post office giving me insurance checks
+ I like police chases
+ I like elderly people
+ I like anna
+ I like Monrovia's football field
+ I like car head lights
+ I like the sound of trains
+ I like iron
+ I like gummi bears
+ I like twix bars
+ I like Penn Station
+ I like pyramids
+ I like triangles
+ I like geometry
+ I like galoshes
+ I like swamps
+ I like coveralls
+ I like t9
+ I like Forrest Park
+ I like Forrest Gump
+ I like forests
+ I like the Pacific Northwest
+ I like dicks
+ I like vaginas
+ I like hair on legs
+ I like hairy armpits
+ I like hairy asses
+ I like asses
+ I like color correcting
+ I like color blindness
+ I like Little Miss Sunshine
+ I like mice
+ I like city mice
+ I like country mice
+ I like cutting apples in sections to eat it
+ I like MRE's
+ I like the old Boy Scout hut
+ I like uniforms
+ I like shinguards
+ I like gloves during winter
+ I like comfortable underwear
+ I like cute girls
+ I like organization
+ I like repeating myself
+ I like not bothering people
+ I like blue links
+ I like mermaids
+ I like the Whitney Biennial
+ I like NYC subway
+ I like Samsung
+ I like advertising
+ I like screeching trains on rails
+ I like windows
+ I like looking in peoples windows
+ I like my mom dating cool dudes
+ I like my mom happy
+ I like art school
+ I like repeating myself
+ I like italian food
+ I like spaghetti
+ I like burgers
+ I like city smells
+ I like country smells
+ I like fresh air
+ I like NPR
+ I like Fresh Air
+ I like This American Life
+ I like the pattern of typing this over and over
+ I like the roof of Brad Troemel's place
+ I like seeing the train flash through the windows
+ I like point and shoot cameras
+ I like caffeine
+ I like drunkenness
+ I like soberness
+ I like my friends
+ I like photos of myself
+ I like feeling like I've done something with my day
+ I like Michael Jordan
+ I like Space Jam
+ I like the Space Jam basketball jersey I had while in second grade
+ I like riding the school bus in elementary school with Mrs. Lee
+ I like home only some of the time
+ I like missing the Huntsville Skatepark
+ I like James Hardy
+ I like kickflips
+ I like this project
+ I like the idea of switching keyboards when I go home
+ I like cherry coke
+ I like repeating myself
+ I like time based media
+ I like museums
+ I like diana
+ I like "God Bless You"
+ I like "God Speed You"
+ I like camps
+ I like groups
+ I like teams
+ I like talking to people whom I like
+ I like deer
+ I like deer on beaches
+ I like sea deer
+ I like grass next to beaches
+ I like portable harddrives
+ I like food that is cheap
+ I like food that is super expensive
+ I like Pauli's
+ I like driving stick shift
+ I like taking risks
+ I like painted stripes with masking tape
+ I like seeing paintings I want to touch
+ I like writing lists
+ I like typing lists
+ I like that one time Justin Key took us to dinner
+ I like that one morning that Tyler and April took care of me during that hard time
+ I like that Tyler was my roommate and just happened to be my best friend
+ I like talking with my best friends
+ I like listening to my best friends
+ I like talking less and listening more
+ I like riding with Tyler in Nashville
+ I like that one time Junior and I rode down Legislative Hill
+ I like the time that I wanted to get drunk and no one else did so I did anyways.
+ I like laughing with Tyler that one time when he was highly intoxicated and couldn't make a fart noise
+ I like reminiscing
+ I like 4x5 film
+ I like changing film in bags
+ I like Alexa
+ I like little brother sort of situations
+ I like black and white photo's that Kohlton takes
+ I like Daniel Shea when I am not his little brother
+ I like his photograph of his father
+ I like Hershey's chocolate
+ I like AIM
+ I like g-chat
+ I like toilets
+ I like outhouses
+ I like piles
+ I like ramen
+ I like Taco Bueno
+ I like chili paste
+ I like Ozzy
+ I like Bill
+ I like Craigslist
+ I like thinking about having the chance to document my Dad on his deathbed
+ I like Angela Strassheim's work
+ I like repressed emotions and feelings
+ I like the psychology surrounding sex
+ I like psychology
+ I like sociology
+ I like depression and the ideas surrounding it and questioning why it happens
+ I like patterns
+ I like nice design in the inside of shoes and jackets
+ I like 3d design
+ I like interior design and how a person can react to a space
+ I like faith
+ I like questioning faith
+ I like how I have to say I like everything and can't really say I don't like something
+ I like what Alexa just told me
+ I like that faith is so intangible
+ I like that faith is not explainable
+ I like the lack of logic faith takes
+ I like retrospect
+ I like hindsight
+ I like Sean Stewart
+ I like the shadow this monitor is making on the computer next to it
+ I like rural areas
+ I like the idea of growing up in the city
+ I like the idea of not having kids
+ I like the idea of having kids and raising them in a city
+ I like the idea of my kids playing in a fire hydrant on a street corner
+ I like diversity
+ I like breaking social stereotypes when I catch myself adhering to them
+ I like searching out a bargain
+ I like corners of rooms
+ I like re-appropriation of imagery
+ I like this list still after four hours and thirty minutes
+ I like that intersection in Southern Alabama where they have boiled peanuts
+ I like making food and not buying it
+ I like grocery shopping on a lazy sunday
+ I like talking to Diana about faith
+ I like sharing new ideas and art with Diana
+ I like not having typos but still typing fast
+ I like gas station road trip stops
+ I like having to pee really bad and finally being able to pee
+ I like waking up and realizing you don't have to wake up
+ I like different stories from different people
+ I like people who obsess over things deemed weird by others
+ I like On Photography
+ I like conceptualizing new projects throughout the day
+ I like talking about sex
+ I like not being on the internet
+ I like the idea of functioning without internet and cell phone
+ I like that story of Aaron not having a cell phone but instead just using Mike's
+ I like remembering my first trip to NYC
+ I like thinking about the final draft of this
+ I like thinking about what I'm going to do with this text.
+ I like wondering if this is even impressive for five hours of typing
+ I like donuts
+ I like the bakery down the street
+ I like learning about people
+ I like female vocalists
+ I like Iron and Wine
+ I like associations I have with music and specific interactions
+ I like not having associations with music and specific interactions sometimes
+ I like talking to Brad just now and imagining him as an old man
+ I like figuring out a project
+ I like going home from school after a long time
+ I like the fact that I might know someones work but they don't know me
+ I like the fact that there is good music on in my headphones and I can't hear this conversation going on beside me
+ I like remembering my father's laugh
+ I like remembering going to bed at 7:30pm
+ I like remembering my earliest memory and thinking that it might not be my earliest memory
+ I like drawing parallels
+ I like peanut butter
+ I like Aprill
+ I like film holders
+ I like Eggleston post cards
+ I like good pens
+ I like my old harddrive that made the move safely
+ I like the spoon I am eating my peanut butter with
+ I like remembering the roof of my fathers van
+ I like tapes
+ I like the scrapes of my spoon around the can of peanut butter I am eating
+ I like molding my mashed potatoes around my spoon with my tongue
+ I like to do the same with my peanut butter
+ I like d-clips with keys on them so I never loose them
+ I like wallets and keys and cell phone in one place every day
+ I like waking up early and getting stuff done
+ I like being able to wake up late because you are ahead
+ I like Seth
+ I like my family
+ I like that river I sat on that tree above in Spokane
+ I like it
+ I like the United Center because I think about Michael Jordan being in there
+ I like not driving
+ I like where this list is going
+ I like that I'm talking to thirteen people
+ I like thinking about my old friends
+ I like how my first kiss happened
+ I like that accidentally nibbed her lip
+ I like that I didn't give a shit during high school
+ I like that I thought I was going pro in 9th grade
+ I like compressing zip files
+ I like free music
+ I like this plaid jacket
+ I like good music
+ I like thinking about the past
+ I like thinking as little as possible about anything past the near distant future
+ I like MOMA
+ I like The Art Institute
+ I like drawing
+ I like good teachers
+ I like understanding the dynamics of my psyche
+ I like nyquil
+ I like medicine during sickness
+ I like water
+ I like flooding sickness out with water
+ I like river rope swings
+ I like 12:53am
+ I like waking up beside a loved one
+ I like values and morals
+ I like people who find good things in all things
+ I like people that are entertained by a snail much less a concert or something.
+ I like people who can make something out of nothing.
+ I like farms
+ I like horses
+ I like camping in tents
+ I like old churches
+ I like Virginia
+ I like tumbling
+ I like wrestling
+ I like fate
+ I like the idea of fate
+ I like thinking that I might know something
+ I like thinking that I might not know something
+ I like basketball highlights
+ I like basketball dunk highlights more
+ I like portraits but that's a bit to broad
+ I like Washington state.
+ I like the Pacific
+ I like the Gulf Of Mexico
+ I like the Atlantic
+ I like Horse Feathers
+ I like to remember how easy it was to roadtrip from Huntsville
+ I like to remember kissing her everywhere we could get some time alone
+ I like getting more and more emotional as the night wears thin
+ I like how after 11pm I just turn into another creature
+ I like having to wake up and zombie around till I get coffee
+ I like reminiscing about my broken ankle
+ I like to think about being a freshman and that senior girl who liked me
+ I like to think about hanging out in the school parking lot
+ I like to think about saving goals in soccer
+ I like to think about all those crushes I had in high school on those soccer chicks
+ I like thinking about how little I actually did in high school and how lucky I am where I am today
+ I like riding the Metra train to Wisconsin
+ I like Brit's place
+ I like the people at Brit's place
+ I like the idea of them moving out of the dorm though
+ I like that idea, yes
+ I like sleep
+ I like writing lists for ten hours and knowing I have two hours left
+ I like Cleveland, Ohio.
+ I like my future plans of traveling to Maine
+ I like my future plan of traveling to Alaska
+ I like the idea of traveling to every region of the United States before I move overseas.
+ I like that I know Gaelle
+ I like her accent and her children are beautiful
+ I like the idea of sleep.
+ I like the idea of sleep.
+ I like the idea of sleep.
+ I like that I've been typing this for so long
+ I like writing artist statements
+ I like that I have a tampon in my room
+ I like that Bill gave me a lamp for my room
+ I like ramen
+ I like that I have one hour left to write this
+ I like thinking about Watkins
+ I like thinking about how tiny the school was so we just ran around unsupervised
+ I like thinking about old times
+ I like thinking about new times
+ I like staying up late trying to be proactive about my work
+ I like a lot of people
+ I like Paul
+ I like Mom
+ I like Erin
+ I like Shannon
+ I like Ed
+ I like Ava
+ I like Spencer
+ I like how innocent childhood is
+ I like Nick a lot as well
+ I like the idea of big brothers
+ I like mentors
+ I like Brian Palmieri
+ I like good music
+ I like trampolines
+ I like blank cd's
+ I like two for one dollar M&M's
+ I like post cards
+ I like free postcards from Watkins
+ I like syllabi
+ I like trading prints with friends
+ I like good photography
+ I like maps
+ I like clean socks
+ I like laundry day
+ I like clean underwear
+ I like the candle that I had that evaporated
+ I like lens cleaner
+ I like lens cleaning clothes
+ I like pens
+ I like repeating myself
+ I like nice computer desks
+ I like organized computer desks
+ I like nice weather
+ I like that one building on the train
+ I like watching the train spark on the tracks
+ I like repeating myself
+ I like feeling my wrists starting to hurt from being on the computer so long
+ I like good health
+ I like thinking about how much stuff I need to do this morning but instead I'll be sleeping
+ I like thinking about this maybe being successful in critique
+ I like to think about those sculptures I want to do in 3d Design for my final
+ I like feeling good about the day
+ I like being rested
+ I like buying a snack every now and again
+ I like knowing that this project is winding down
+ I like making my cell phone battery last as long as possible
+ I like hearing Ozzy up at 3:30am
+ I like thinking about train hopping
+ I like thinking about being a fisherman someday
+ I like the concept of not paying a lot of money to go to a state school
+ I like the concept of going to art school and working on your craft
+ I like a lot of things
+ I like that I am realizing that I like a lot of things
+ I like that I am continuously typing things I like over and over
+ I like that my twelve hours of writing things that I like has amounted to not much of anything
+ I like cleaning dishes
+ I like making ramen
+ I like making two ramen packages in one pot
+ I like that I am rushing to finish this like there is a finish line
+ I like commitment
+ I like girlfriends
+ I like you
+ I like not liking you
+ I like this page a lot
+ I like SAIC
+ I like people at Columbia College sometimes
+ I like New York City and the atmosphere there
+ I like the subway there
+ I like the El
+ I like hearing the train pass my house.
+ I like that I am up so early I will hear the pink line start up again
+ I like the CTA conductors wearin the pin stripe classic suits
+ I like that you aren't going to read this
+ I like that one gas station in South Dakota
+ I like that other one in Montana
+ I like that other one we slept at in Washington
+ I like thinking that I could steal most anything from a store
+ I like wearing a pair of pants for a long time
+ I like not washing my jeans
+ I like expensive denim
+ I like not buying expensive denim
+ I like you reading this to this point
+ I like thinking "Are you actually reading this?"
+ I like Lauren
+ I like that Banana Nut Bread you let me eat that one time
+ I like that you have a huge ass coffee thats $5 every day
+ I like the idea of having that much money
+ I like the idea of making time to work but I would rather focus on school
+ I like the concept of working on school during the semester and then working all summer
+ I like Petroula from my 3D class
+ I like Edward Cullen
+ I like acting like I like Edward Cullen
+ I like photo books so much
+ I like the idea of working in the library photographing photo books
+ I like the thought of being in graduate school
+ I like being in undergrad
+ I like failing
+ I like succeeding in what I do as well though
+ I like learning from both
+ I like 3:36am
+ I like the person touching this paper
+ I like thinking about when Amanda and I just fucked around everyday
+ I like coming home and doing nothing, naked
+ I like being naked
+ I like the story of almost getting arrested for being naked
+ I like that I was scared because it was really scary
+ I like remembering middle school when girls started to like girls for some reason
+ I like remembering when they were taller than us and they didn't like us
+ I like remembering skating to show off for them
+ I like Tim Kelly's photographs
+ I like wondering what possibly a fire truck could be putting out at 3:41am
+ I like watching the clock near 4am
+ I like that I've done some productive things today and yesterday
+ I like that one day Kyleen and I adventured
+ I like that truth be told the beginning of Kyleen and I wasn't bad
+ I like remembering finding those photos of her from the first day we hung out
+ I like thinking about Diana and I in the park way past curfew
+ I like that we stayed up till three and four am talking
+ I like that I never told her I liked her
+ I like that I'm almost done with this list
+ I like Brooklyn
+ I like Long Island
+ I like Ben's Parents
+ I like knowing I flew to a lot of places on my own as a teenager
+ I like that Will traveled even more than me
+ I like remembering our trip outwest
+ I like thinking that I can get to page twenty in this
+ I like these plus signs
+ I like K-Dog
+ I like slackers
+ I like appreciating how slack they are
+ I like people are motivated and driven to succeed
+ I like appreciating how motivated they are
+ I like committing to something and sticking with it
+ I like that this book might be sick
+ I like the mental image I have of this installation
+ I like that it is 3:58am
+ I like that it is 3:59am
+ I like real human interaction


kohlton said...

i like that i just read that entire thing. holy hell...awesome.

bolus said...

hope you're not talking about my girl Judith :)

and "i like girlfriends" is in there twice. Still, that list is quite impressive

David said...

I'm not sure WHY I read the whole thing... but I very much like that I did.

mattaustinphoto said...

I like you, too.

Pete Halupka said...

you guys are nuts.

Aaron Fowler said...



Alexa Sullivant said...

I like you too.
Actually, I love you, and I love this.

I read the whole thing too, it took a while.

jes santrock said...

i like it

Bonnie said...

I like Peter.

and I think wire tap is my favorite npr program.

erin jane nelson said...

i like gumballs!!!

aprill miller said...

i like your list.

Nathaniel37 said...

i like reading this a whole long time later and what it makes me think about and thinking about what i would include on such a list