Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jake and K

There are many people I know that you guys will see a ton of in the future but two in particular sent me images today that blew my mind away on some many levels. Jake Deshazo and Kohlton Ervin.

Needless to say, they are producing better images that 98% of undergraduate students that are doing their thesis. I can't help but feel their images are just seeping with unadulterated sincerity. There is something to be said about their passion but also about their nativity concerning this world of art where you can really hear and see things that aren't necessary. They can stay away from words like "blogosphere" and "art world". Kohlton's age and Jake's free spirit concerning college (at this point at least) allows them to find whatever photographer they find on their own and shoot whatever they would like. And they shoot it not because of their assignment from school (because they don't have those) but because they absolutely love it.

Jake dreams up his next adventure where he will use his kodak point and shoot camera to not only utilize that ever-so-referenced "point and shoot aesthetic" but also take advantage of his knowledge of life and the world around him. His sense of adventure lends itself to the camera and that same camera becomes this extension of his eye and hand. It encapsulates all that we look for in an adventure. We see laughter, spontaneity, friends and youthful fun but in carefree images that don't seem regurgitated and derivative (directly, that is). It might be just because, in context, I know that Jake knows no references. He doesn't partake in that. He might know a name we mention far to much or see our images when we make them public but he is one to take his own route. His free spirit and floating self will take him so many places. He is the type that frustrates people like me who are so militant and obviously motivated. Jake is so subtle with his behavior and words. Instinct mixed with innocence and cleverness.

Kohlton is young and driven. I find a lot in Kohlton that drives me to love my surroundings even more than I already do. That lies in his love for people, photography, skateboarding and living his life. Kohtlon wanders around Spokane with his best friend Seth making images for fun. When he isn't finding the best lit architecture in his town or making mischief on his skateboard he is studying the masters. When I say I spent tons of money on Photo History courses in art school and he knows more than me I don't exaggerate. But maybe it's just that he cares so much more than me about those peoples work. Maybe that's what really shines. Kohlton is young and his images are intelligent, well composed and well informed concerning historical references. Mr. Ervin's drive to learn as much as he can, study as much as he can, shoot as much as he can and smile as much as he can will surely amount to success in whatever passion he pursues.

I cannot speak highly enough about these two.

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Did they send pictures of their dicks?