Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"I'm even a bit tempted to see Anna's refusal to provide explanations as a refusal to provide simple answers. This is not something we are used to any longer: that things might have more facets than just one; and that not getting a simple answer (which allows us to move on) forces one to think. This is where I'm placing contemporary photography, in that open space, where the viewer becomes a participant instead of being merely the recipient of some "fact" (or "truth") (italicized by me)."

-j baby

I REALLY agree with the italicized text. I have never articulated it like this but I have been attempting to use this idea in my work. Shit. Yes.


Ian Aleksander Adams said...

oh, abso-fucking-lutely. It's why I refuse to talk about the actual subjets in my images in my statements, only about my feelings as I put the images together or the space I created them in. Everything else is work space for the viewer.

aprill miller said...

man thats awesome. thanks for sharing that!