Tuesday, April 7, 2009


After finishing my list I fell asleep in my clothing and just woke up at 1:03pm. This is sort of ridiculous but I can negotiate my sleeping patterns because I was working on my art.....*cough*

I am getting back twelve sheets of 4x5 today. Finals have started so we have a lot to do on our own or else it all stacks up in the last week.

For Digital I it's an open ended assignment with 15-20 images at 17x22 or larger.

For Foundations II (Color Darkroom) we have a body of work with 15-20 images with an end goal of a book.

Luckily I am able to shoot the same concept for both of these classes. I'm actually quite excited to have that amount of images focused on one concept. I am shooting it all large format so the end product is that much better.

For my 3D class we have five weeks to complete three assignments we want to do. The kids in there flip out because they don't know what to do without strict assignments. I want to do some crazy shit in there so I showed Miklos some of my work and talked about my ideas and pretty much I came to the conclusion his methodology is "Do it. It might be shit. But go ahead and try." That's perfect. So I also have two other assignment to do for his course. However, for the final I'm thinking about making 3D sculptures/installations of the corners those photographs are in. I like the idea of organizing them in a particular space and also how they would sit and balance being shaped like tetris blocks. We also have this interior space assignment where we are pretty much designing a maquette for a gallery or public park, etc. So I could design the space those sculptures would sit in. It's actually a really sick class. I'm glad I talked to him. He's Hungarian, I believe. Still has chippy english and it's great.

Time to get to work.

Anyone only eaten peanut butter for three days straight? Do it if you wanna feel malnourished and five pounds lighter.

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