Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daniel Shea Halupka

From "War Memorials".

My older brother, Daniel Shea, has updated his website with outstanding and mentionable work. I am not sure if it's right for a twenty year old to say that I see huge progression and maturity in his (twenty three years of age?) new works but I'll still go for it. I just like anyone keeping us on our toes. Opie steez or something. Never sticking to one specific aesthetic. But when I told Daniel this yesterday he responded with the fact that this is how he used to work and Appalachia was a step out of the ordinary for him. It's interesting to see what a lot of exposure will do as far as setting the public perception of what you normally do or don't do.

Daniel mentions that he updated with four new bodies of work. Children of Candor, War Memorials, Palin and the American's, and Cross. He also mentioned that he had some new scans in Coal River.

I think that's all. I'll rep Daniel all day.


kohlton said...

this dude is killing me.

daniel shea said...

kohlton you are killing me by not letting me see your private blog.


kohlton said...

noodz, bro. killer, killer noodz.

daniel shea said...


kohlton said...

naw man, it was a blog that died long, LOONNNNNNGGGGG ago. i'd let you see the noodz, don't you worry.