Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A couple things on my mind.

+ I think I've got finals covered this semester but it's intense. I am pursuing a sorta interesting project for digital class but it's certainly does not have the potential of my foundations II final. This was a change from pursuing the same project split down the middle between 30 images. Both demand 15 images and it's bearing down over me regardless. I am going to shoot tonight and this weekend and then I have one week to print 15 digital prints and 15 final c-prints. Oof. I also need to make a portfolio box this weekend. How I will do that? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe I need to email Terttu, master bookmaker.

+ I have a five page research paper due Friday. Not that bad. Just have to get my ass in a chair and write for five or six hours and I will be done.

+ I also have to finish plastering this sculpture in 3D but I don't have plaster around. Hm.

+ Art Fair tomorrow night with Matt, Zack, Caitlin, Daniel, Rams and I guess Jason will be running around as well with his gallery there.

+ Friday morning is class till afternoon when I go and check out a possible apartment down the street

+ I think the MOCP is having an opening so I'll go get wine and cheese

+ Kevin and thrifting for summer cut off jeans Saturday after the darkroom closes then riding our bikes

+ Saturday night is Zach's birthday

+ Sunday calls for a lot of work
- Bind portfolio case
- Scan digital assignments
- After five study for digital exam

1 comment:

Brit said...

random fact: darkroom is now open on sundays as well.

guess who's goin... this girl.
God i've got so much to shoot and print
this week... btw, I need to do a photo shot of you sr. for my final if it's not too much to ask.