Monday, April 13, 2009

Chicago Warehouse Space Full Of Artists Smiling, Eating Pizza, And Drinking Tang

I am currently in scheming mode and trying to figure out the best way to approach leasing a warehouse in Chicago to create a real life collective of artists who are motivated to push the boundries of the visual arts with optimism and community (two things we are realizing we need more and more not only in this life but in this economy and as students in the visual arts). At this point a 1500-4000 sq. ft. warehouse or loft would be beyond belief. At the estimated median price range of $1800-$2900 a month with 7 - 10 artists the rent could land between $180 a month + utilities to as much as $500 a month + utilities. Even at $500 a month you are barely pressing into a fancy, gentrified apartment most students land in off the Blue Line in Wicker Park.

The space would not only be a catalyst but a space and atmosphere to work with the ideas we have as artists and students. The space evolved when speaking about starting a student run lecture series. The conclusion was that the educational institution (in general) would have to intervene and the red tape scissors would be dull so very soon to the point where the students ideas would be nearly mutilated. In conclusion, the most efficient way to subvert that would be to create our own venue for speakers and visiting artists.

I am also pushing forward in the editing process for Publication #1. It's been going super slow with school's burden on my shoulders but it is off the ground and moving.

Now it's time to stop scheming so much and actually get some work done.

Any questions? comments?


daniel shea said...

Ummm...Wicker Park is currently gentrified, this type of warehouse is what is gentrifying Pilsen. I'm not making a value judgment on what you are doing, I obviously support it, but just be more accurate with your neighborhood adjectives!

aprill miller said...

move it to california for me please? haha.

MFU said...

Talk to a girl named Jamie Gooden about your warehouse idea. She is on a similar brainwave.