Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buzzy Dude (a.k.a. Tim Loomis and the front man of Tiny Kiss).

I have a good friend in my photo class, Judith Nemes. She is taking a photo course out of sheer love. She has two children and a husband and tells me stories about partying with Andy Warhol and traveling across country while picking strawberries to make money. She was telling me about her friend, Buzzy Dude, who went to Vassar College with her. Buzzy Dude is a midget. His Saab had specially made pedals that were longer. She kept telling me about him being the front man of Tiny Kiss, a midget version of Kiss obviously. He is the front man of that group. The play all over Vegas. Here are some clips of them on television that I find quite awesome.

Buzzy Dude and Tiny Kiss On The Jimmy Kimmell Show

Tiny Kiss signs 1.5 million dollar contract

So that's interesting right? Well, get this. Judith was in NYC at a bookstore and picked up a cheap gallery catalog of Winogrand images, that is actually signed, for $12. She was flipping through it and found Buzzy Dude IN A WINOGRAND PHOTOGRAPH. So on top of him having a modified Saab, being in Tiny Kiss, and all the other stories of absurdity he ends up being memorialized in a Winogrand photograph forever and ever.

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Judith said...

actually he's a dwarf -- I may have called him a midget by accident. These days, when Buzzy's not in full Kiss regalia, he's also a colorful elevator operator at some swanky hotel in Vegas.