Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pitchfork Festival This Summer

Maybe I will stay here this summer. Alaska was on my mind though.


Aaron Fowler said...

fuck that shit go to alaska

Pete Halupka said...

this music on top of a lot of things though, aaron. i just need a job! that comes first!

kohlton said...

alaska should definitely be a thought. here, i'll go scope it out for you tm.

Brit said...

stay! and come to lalapolooza too
it's gonna be awesome. Not to mention that
besides music, this summer in general is going to
be amazing. Road trips may or may not abound (zach lives/is from New Hampshire so we're thinking of a possible road trip there and quick ones to other people's places. I know Gillian also wants to take a road trip from chicago to washington/seattle and then back again at the end of summer too) but whatever the case, there's still ALOT of exploring of chicago to do and it'll be tight to do it when there's actually warm weather. there'll be a ton of festivals and random things like the thousand+ person zombie walk and idk other random things.

but i'm like you, I gotta get a job asap.
I'm thinking about applying at columbia
but who knows.